The Sony 300mm f2.8 G Master lens is the perfect choice


Among the professional Sony G Master lenses, the new Sony 300mm f2.8 G Master Lens holds a special place. This lens is not only the latest addition to their impressive lineup, but also the lightest telephoto lens with a large aperture in the world. Its development was aimed at achieving an ambitious goal - to create a lens that combines lightness, compactness, and high image quality, making it an ideal choice for a wide range of photographers and filmmakers, especially those specializing in sports and wildlife photography.

Key Features

The Sony 300mm f2.8 G Master lens sets new standards in the telephoto lens category. As the lightest telephoto lens in the world with a large aperture, it measures 4.88 x 10.4 inches, making it convenient for travel and mobile photography. Additionally, the lens is dust and moisture-resistant, broadening its use in various weather conditions.

A key feature is the 11 round aperture blades that provide excellent bokeh. The lens is compatible with 1.4x and 2x teleconverters, allowing for an increase in focal length without losing image quality. The optical system includes 3 Super ED elements and 1 ED element to reduce chromatic aberrations, as well as Nano AR Coating II to minimize flares and reflections for clarity in every corner.

With two XD linear motors and advanced focusing algorithms, the Sony 300mm f2.8 G Master ensures high-speed and accurate autofocus, which is especially important when shooting fast-moving objects.

New Features

The Sony 300mm f2.8 G Master lens offers a range of innovative features that set it apart from other telephoto lenses. Particularly noteworthy is its lightweight and compact size, making it ideal for prolonged handheld shooting, especially in sports photography. Thanks to its balanced design, the lens fits comfortably in hand and is suitable for extended shooting without fatigue.

A unique feature is the new Function Ring, which can be customized to control Power Focus mode or switch between APS-C and full-frame formats. This is especially useful for shooting fast-moving objects such as athletes or wildlife, providing quick access to different focal lengths.

The combination of high-quality construction and ergonomics makes the Sony 300mm f2.8 G Master a reliable tool in any condition, distinguished by its resistance to dust and moisture and providing quick access to physical control elements.

Image Quality

The optical construction of the Sony 300mm f2.8 G Master includes 20 elements in 16 groups, featuring three Super ED elements and one ED element that minimize both axial and lateral chromatic aberrations, ensuring exceptional image quality. The application of Nano AR Coating II reduces glare and reflections, providing clarity across the frame.

This lens also demonstrates impressive performance when used with Sony 1.4x and 2x teleconverters, allowing photographers and filmmakers to increase the effective focusing distance with minimal loss of contrast or sharpness.

The lens offers outstanding image quality, making it an ideal choice for professional photography that requires high sharpness and accurate color reproduction.

Autofocus Performance

The Sony 300mm f2.8 G Master lens is equipped with two Sony XD (extreme dynamic) linear motors, providing fast and precise autofocus. These motors are capable of moving large glass elements quickly, which is crucial when shooting fast-moving subjects.

It's also worth noting that the motors operate very quietly, making them ideal for wildlife photography, where any noise can startle the subjects. The lens's compatibility with teleconverters and high-speed AF/AE calculations ensures high-quality autofocus even when increasing the focal length.

The outstanding autofocus performance makes this lens an indispensable tool for professional photographers, especially in dynamic and unpredictable shooting conditions.

Target Audience

The Sony 300mm f2.8 G Master lens is ideally suited for professional photographers and cinematographers specializing in shooting sports events, wildlife, and other fast-moving subjects. It is particularly valuable for sports photographers due to its brightness and the ability to be used in low-light conditions, as well as for indoor shooting, such as at gymnastic competitions.

For wildlife photographers, this lens is also an excellent choice due to its lightness, weather protection, and quiet autofocus operation, allowing for shooting noise-sensitive animals.

The Sony 300mm f2.8 G Master is an important addition to the professional lens kit, offering a unique combination of image quality, performance, and ease of use.


The Sony 300mm f2.8 G Master lens is an impressive achievement in optical technology, offering exceptional image quality, high performance, and ease of use. Its lightweight and compactness make it an ideal choice for professional mobile photography, while its optical qualities and autofocus performance set new standards in professional photography.

It will be an excellent addition to the kit of any professional photographer or cinematographer striving for perfection in their work. Whether it's sports events, wildlife, or other dynamic scenes, the Sony 300mm f2.8 G Master will provide the highest image quality and reliability under any conditions.

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